Sunday, February 22, 2009

On top of spaghetti...

all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed. It rolled off the table, then onto the floor and then my poor meatball... One thing unfolding after the other, sometimes my life reminds me of that song. 

It is really funny and strange how easily things can work out if you just believe in their possibility. Want a bigger place to live? Make an appointment to see a bigger house or apartment, even if you can't afford it. It is like saying to the universe that you are ready to choose your bigger home, even if this is not the one, you are ready to choose what you want. That is action you can take today with the intention of moving closer to your dreams or goals for tomorrow. works. Who knows? You may love it so much that they may drop the price for you!

Would you believe me if I told you? Ah, OK, I guess I'll divulge. 

We rent. We rent a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom. We rent a 3 bedroom/ 3 bathroom with NO laundry hookups. It has been an expensive nuissance of ours since we moved in with our brood of children. We were told that they would give us laundry hookups inside our apartment but one thing after another (spaghetti with meatballs, remember?) and they couldn't after all. I need to mention that we also have a difficult neighbor right next door who won't share the hose and has boundary issues. Our excitement about moving into our beautiful apartment turned into frustration and disappointment soon after we moved in.

Then, one day the front apartment became vacant. It is a 4 bedroom, with laundry hookups, a pantry and no difficult next door neighbor. Unfortunately, we then learned that the rent was $1,000 more bucks than our current rent. 

What would you do? Give up? Not try? Settle for what you've got? 

Hunny and I decided to set up an appointment with the Realtor even knowing we could never afford another $1,000 in rent. However, we thought it would sure be nice to see what the possibilities are instead of complaining. "You never know what can happen." Hunny said to me. The apartment has stayed vacant for 2-3 months now. Today, I got an email the rent is being lowered by $800 dollars and it was offered to us as an option to move in. Considering we pay almost $200 in laundry each month, um...let me see...hmmm.....hell yaah!?!! Did I forget to mention that it comes with a long hose line of it's very own!

Visualize the possibilities even if they are impossible to see. It affirms their existence.


  1. Yea for you! Sometimes we get so stuck in what we "can't" have that we forget to continue hoping and dreaming. Good reminder. Happy moving!

  2. I agree with you, happy you got the apartment.
    It is scary, frustrating, etc., but worth it to step out and try.

  3. Hey, congrats on the apartment. So glad for you!!